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Established in 2001, A1 Microwave is a leader in high-quality, technically advanced microwave filtering and associated products for the Satcom, Radar, Communications, Test-Equipment, Scientific and Medical markets.  As well as standard off-the-shelf products for Satcom applications, A1 are a specialist in very demanding custom designs, working with your design engineers from the concept stage onwards to produce the exact solution to your needs.

Having acquired JMD Technologies in 2010, their capability extends beyond simple filters into complex integrated assemblies that incorporate not just the filtering but all other elements of the waveguide run to provide fully-matched components that require no interconnection.

A1’s sophisticated in-house design and simulation software gives ‘right first time’ designs that are able to move straight from computer to production, resulting in much-reduced design cycle time.



X Band Tx Filter for Manpack

A1 Microwave were engaged by a customer to develop an X Band Tx filter that could be simply integrated into their Manpack system, based around our existing standard PB1504WB Rx Reject Filter and also incorporating a Harmonic Reject Filter.  The whole unit simply bolts between the HPA output and OMT, with no additional bends or waveguide runs resulting not only in lower component count and reduced cost, but the electrical performance is also superior to that of the individual components bolted together. 

We work together with the customer at all stages from concept onwards, to ensure perfect ‘right first time’ integration.

C Band Rx filter for 5G Rebanding

New C-Band Rx Filter with extremely high interference rejection, for use in the forthcoming rebanding due to the rollout of 5G.  This filter meets the initial RED+ specification mask, covering Rx frequencies of 3820 to 4200 MHz.  Over 600 of these units have been integrated in the first wave of the US rebanding, in both land and maritime environments and will also be suitable for a number of forthcoming European, African and Asian roll-outs


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